math fun


Found this sketch of Albrecht Duerer on Citrinitas and I had to do it. It was obvious that there was some trigonemetry involved, especially in the left hand side. The one with the circles look like a sine wave, oscillating on the vertical axis. from what I gather,

-each step the cos(angle) gets incremented.

-circle’s horizontal positions are cos(anle).

-since cos(x) goes from -1 to 1, we get the wave plotted.

for(var j:Number = 0;j<=600;j++){

var dot:Sprite = new Sprite();,0×000000,1);,0,4);



addChild(dot); angle+=   j/20; trace(600-j);



Above is the AS3.0 code of the algorithm. Also, Flash you need to convert degrees to radians.


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