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With the rise od the trend of video games including toolsets for customization of themselves, the users started creating more and more each day. First it was levels with (eg: Duke Nukem 3D level builder) with the packaged textures and level editor, now it is whole new game modes, characters and even “complete make-over”s – entirely new games.

As the use of such tools got easier and documentation got bigger and denser, the games became more of a creative outlet for people with ideas. It takes no more than the game’s cost to make a feature machinima movie. Using the game’s engine and editing tookit,one can make, in theory a feature film using the existing art and animation in the game’s package.

Two exampels of such machinima works, adaptations of H.P.Lovecraft’s stories – one has won an award in a Lovecraft convention.

Music of Erich Zann

The Terrible Old Man


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